Designs gain momentum

11th April 2011

Viewpoint and Wayfinder, our phase two designs currently operating in Callon and Fishwick, Preston, are continuing to build momentum.

Bespoke's Viewpoint design in action

Over the last few weeks we've had a range of local stakeholders ask questions on our Viewpoint voting device (for more information click here), ranging from forming new community groups to waste disposal. For a current list of questions, votes and responses, head to the bottom of this story.


Bespoke is really pleased with the numbers of votes received and are looking forward to seeing how future questions develop and are received.

Our Wayfinder digital signs, located in a community centre, on the front of St Matthew's Church and Contour Housing association office, are displaying community events and activities as this story is typed.


We've a handful of listings at the moment, but look forward to rolling access out to other groups over the coming weeks.

Our current Viewpoint is as follows:


Bespoke asks:
Would you miss the Bespoke Newspaper if it was gone?
Yes: 97 (44.29%)
No: 122 (55.71%)
Total: 219
Response: Thanks for letting us know what you think about the Bespoke Newspaper. We've now changed the design and will be asking more questions soon about how we can make it even better.


Bespoke asks:
Do you think CCTV is a good or bad thing for the area?
Good: 240 (73.17%)
Bad: 88 (26.83%)
Total: 328
Response: Thanks for letting us know what you think about CCTV. We'll feed this back to the groups and organisations who run the system.


Councillor Martyn Rawlinson asks:
Would you be willing to spend 1 hour per month helping to improve local parks and open spaces?
Yes: 77 (40.1%)
No: 115 (59.9%)
Total: 192
Response: Those who voted 'yes' can send their details to me to be invited to a future meeting. You can contact Martyn on 01772 705791.


Colin at Contour asks:
Would you like to see a new community centre for Callon?
Yes: 113 (50.67%)
No: 110 (49.33%)
Total: 223



Councillor Martyn Rawlinson asks:
Is local dog fouling a problem that deserves priority attention?
Yes: 199 (82.23%)
No: 43 (17.77%)
Total: 242
Response: I will request the Dog Warden spends some extra time in Fishwick on this issue.




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