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1st December 2010

October and November were hectic months for the community journalists, after publishing the Design Special issue several of the journalists also went out and interviewed people not only about the designs themselves, but also about some of the issues the designs raised.

Bespoke hears from photographer Garry Cook

For example, freelance reporter Kirstin expanded on the concept behind the Viewpoint and started to ask people what they thought about voting and whether they thought their voices were normally heard .


In early November the Bespoke team gathered in Dundee to read through the special issue and to listen to and view all of the journalists pieces.  Based on the feedback, and a realistic discussion of what is feasible time- and technology-wise, the team has decided to focus on building two multi-faceted designs to respond to the community needs identified by the journalism.  These designs are: the Wayfinder, a GPS-enabled digital signpost which not only tells you about current events on in the local area but actually points the way to them, and the Viewpoint, a live voting device which allows local groups to ask relevant questions about life in the area and invites people to vote their responses via the push of a button or a free text message.  What’s more, the Viewpoint allows people to scroll back through previous questions and see what the response was, and what was done as a result.


After settling on the two design ideas, we sought further feedback from some of the organizations we’ve been working closely with throughout the project – did they think the designs were good ideas, did they have events or questions they’d want to include, and most importantly, did they have any suggestions on where they could be most usefully placed?


We had a really positive response to our initial prototypes, which we also brought along to a meeting of the Jigsaw group, an umbrella group for local community organisations in Callon, Fishwick and St. Matthew's wards in December.  The design team is currently working hard to incorporate all the feedback and use the suggestions from the journalism to give the designs shape before deploying early next year.


Also during this time, the final versions of the Family Hedge and the Memory Box have been deployed and are being used by the family and the pupils at Fishwick Primary School.  The CCTV set up has been brought along to the Fishwick Rangers but we’ll have to wait for better weather in the Spring to find out how it’s used.



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