Callon Celebration Day

22nd August 2009

The Bespoke team travelled from all over the UK to introduce the project to the Callon and Fishwick community at the annual Callon celebration day, which this year was held in the middle of the estate on the Pad.

Bespoke makes appearance at the Callon Fete

Somehow, we manage to pack the Ablaze youth group (and soundsystem), project anthropologist Katie Smith and her 'Mapping Callon' challenge, a photography competition, an 'emoticon' beading stall and the PC for the test-your-strength hammer and bell into the space under our borrowed 20×10 concertina tent, leaving just the digital photography and the laser cutter braving the elements.

Luckily, it is a beautiful summer's day.

As we set up and attach the Bespoke-branded gingham posters, flyers and bunting to our stalls, the kids who are milling around seem utterly fascinated by the project, from Kirsty and Natasha from Callon Young Reporters comparing digital video cameras with our cameraman to the young lad who, having got his hands on the test-your strength mallet, immediately turns around and bashes the lad next to him on the head.

The Pad begins to get busy and seems to get busier and busier throughout much of the fete, which runs from approximately noon to 4pm. Other attractions include a climbing wall, birds of prey, the local dog wardens and a very popular face-painter.

The most popular Bespoke attractions seem to be the test-your-strength set-up (particularly with the boys) and the beads (mainly but not exclusively young girls) and the instant digital camera.

We also hold a photography competition, where local kids are given a disposable camera and a list of subjects to take pictures of – although it is so popular that we run out of cameras after just a couple hours.

We've now picked 30 of the best photographs from the day – which you can see in the gallery above. We’re sending them to the picture editor at the Lancashire Evening Post, who is going to decide which is the best overall picture and the winner will have their photograph printed in the LEP as well as receiving a very special prize.


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