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The project has been established to look at the issue of digital and social exclusion in the Fishwick and Callon areas of Preston.

Broadly speaking, the project has two parts. The first is for us to set up a team of community/citizen journalists who will report on the issues that are important to them and to their local community.

The second part of the project is centred on innovative design. Partner universities (Dundee, Falmouth, Newcastle, Surrey, and UCLan) will use the news stories, as well as other information gathered during the lifespan of the project, to design digital technologies that can meet the needs of the area. This collaboration between emotive, technological and functional design with hyper-local journalism is a ground-breaking exercise and, as far as we're aware, has never been tried before.  



Bespoke to appear at V&A

Bespoke is pleased to announce that we will exhibit a sample of our work at the V&A in London this month as part of the London Design Festival. Between September 17th and 23rd, a selection of project designs will be located in the Design Space in the V&A's Sackler Centre. 

Project members will also be delivering a talk on Bespoke between 16.15 and 17.30 on Tuesday 20th September.

For more information on the event, check out our press release and to download our specially-produced publication, click here.


Visit our news site

Since Bespoke began, we've generated a rich blend of local media. This ranges from stories by local volunteers and voluntary groups, to councillors, housing associations and schools. To take a look at our hyperlocal news site: simply click this link.



View our timeline

This page offers a chronology of the project.  Charting the generation of early design ideas, inspired by the local community, through to the implementation and reaction to the objects that are offered to the Callon and Fishwick area, the information here offers snapshots of Bespoke in action.






Latest News

BESPOKE V&A publication - 19th September 2011

BESPOKE's publication for the London Design Festival is now available.

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